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The Bright Side of Game of Thrones – The Game

These days, there are two major types of videogames: indie and AAA. Indie games are everything from Depression Quest to Hotline Miami, relatively tiny titles that are either independently distributed through stuff like Steam or picked up by a bigger … Continue reading

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Is Frank Underwood the most accurate gamer on TV?

One standout detail about House of Cards protagonist Frank Underwood is that he’s an avid gamer. While it’s not a focus of the plot, he’s occasionally shown engrossed in everything from Call of Duty to God of War, zoning out … Continue reading

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Enjoy Your Platinum – The Evolution of Trophies in the inFamous Series

You can tell a lot about a game from how rare its platinum trophy is. It can tell you if the game was easy or hard, critically panned or universally beloved. You can tell if the multiplayer was tacked on … Continue reading

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Stay A While And Listen

Ladies? People of color? Everybody else who exists outside the socially prescribed norms? This article isn’t for you. You can stop reading after the first paragraph and I won’t get upset. This article is really for the straight, middle class, … Continue reading

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And So The Sun Sets on the Penny Arcade Empire

Back in 2001, I was a huge Penny Arcade fan. I’d print out strips and paste them to my dorm room door, exhorting the few nerdy guys in my hall to read them whenever they’d walk by, even if they … Continue reading

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Rapturous Return: Some Thoughts on Burial at Sea Episode 1

Burial at Sea is the game Bioshock Infinite needed to be. When I think back on my time in Columbia I find myself frowning. Not because of the elaborately constructed world (complete with gaping plot holes summoned by Elizabeth herself) … Continue reading

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At The Corner of Risk and Reward…

During a recent trip to New York City I attended a showing of the quite-frankly-amazing Sleep No More, which is an experiment in immersion theatre. It was one of the most fascinating experiences I’ve had in the last decade and … Continue reading

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