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Rapturous Return: Some Thoughts on Burial at Sea Episode 1

Burial at Sea is the game Bioshock Infinite needed to be. When I think back on my time in Columbia I find myself frowning. Not because of the elaborately constructed world (complete with gaping plot holes summoned by Elizabeth herself) … Continue reading

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Aiming In The Right Direction – Killzone Mercenary Beta Impressions

The idea of putting a traditional first-person shooter on a handheld has been one of the golden geese of the last few years, desperately sought after but practically mythological. Prior to the launch of the Vita, the biggest challenge was … Continue reading

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Dishonored – Impressions

I know it’s not creative to gush about Dishonored anymore, but I like to think that I’m simply fashionably late to the party, slipping in with a pilfered invitation. Still knee deep in Darksiders II when it came out, I … Continue reading

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Tera Open Beta – Impressions

The open beta for Tera snuck up on me. I had heard murmurs of it for weeks, but nothing really rose above the babbling brook of game PR until somebody actually asked me if I was going to give it … Continue reading

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