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Rogue Legacy: Thanatophobia Trophy Tips and Boss Guide

The PlayStation versions of indie darling Rogue Legacy contains a little treat for crazy trophy hunters: the Thanatophobia trophy, which demands that you beat the game from a fresh save in 15 lives or less WITHOUT using the Architect to … Continue reading

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Knack Platinum Trophy Guide

So you want to earn the Platinum trophy in Knack. I understand. It seems like it should be a pretty easy trophy to score. I mean, it’s a character action brawler aimed at kids with an aesthetic that’s two parts … Continue reading

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Freshly Fifty – Finding Groups

You’ve been doing your dailies, gotten yourself a decent set of gear, and tooled around a bit with the new UI features. Keybinds in place, you gaze longingly at that Daily Hard Mode quest in your log, confident that you’re … Continue reading

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Diablo 3 – 5 Tips for New Wizards

So you’ve decided to walk the path of the arcane and become a Wizard. I can’t say I blame you, the temptation to wield the unkempt crackling essence of creation, the primal elements, is strong. Sure you may lack the … Continue reading

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Low Down and Dirty – Respecing to Sawbones for the Night

At the last minute your regular Sawbones calls in sick. Something about his cat eating the neighbor kid or something equally implausible. Without another healer, your Op won’t be able to run tonight and nobody else is stepping up. That’s … Continue reading

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The Great Rakghoul Invasion – Stardream Fragment Map

Here’s a numbered map with all the Stardream Fragments for the quest that gives you the adorably bite-y Red Rakghoul pet: Here are shots of the various places you’ll be looking for the fragments –

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The Strange Case of the Unusual Egg

If Bioware has done anything with SWTOR, they’ve tried to recreate those heady days of content discovery. Mysteries are abound in the game, from the elusive Magenta Crystal to the enigmatic +10 datacrons. One of the most recent of these … Continue reading

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