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<300 – Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings

Full disclosure: I really enjoyed Assassin’s Creed Unity. With that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, let’s talk Dead Kings, the first DLC pack for Ubisoft’s much derided and oft-scorned latest entry in the hiding-in-haystacks genre. It’s free for … Continue reading

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<300 – The Evil Within

How you feel about The Evil Within will probably depend on how you feel about the tank controls in the original Resident Evil. If you’re part of the dark and dismal Mordor-esque hellscape that thinks the stumbling turns actually add … Continue reading

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The Bright Side of Game of Thrones – The Game

These days, there are two major types of videogames: indie and AAA. Indie games are everything from Depression Quest to Hotline Miami, relatively tiny titles that are either independently distributed through stuff like Steam or picked up by a bigger … Continue reading

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Rogue Legacy: Thanatophobia Trophy Tips and Boss Guide

The PlayStation versions of indie darling Rogue Legacy contains a little treat for crazy trophy hunters: the Thanatophobia trophy, which demands that you beat the game from a fresh save in 15 lives or less WITHOUT using the Architect to … Continue reading

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Is Frank Underwood the most accurate gamer on TV?

One standout detail about House of Cards protagonist Frank Underwood is that he’s an avid gamer. While it’s not a focus of the plot, he’s occasionally shown engrossed in everything from Call of Duty to God of War, zoning out … Continue reading

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The Bright Side of Aliens: Colonial Marines

A bad video game is kind of like an ugly baby. You spend months waiting for it, staring endlessly at blurry pictures and reading page after page of information on it, crafting this wonderful image of it in your head. … Continue reading

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Mediocrity

I have a terrible secret: I kind of love mediocre videogames.

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