Knack Platinum Trophy Guide


So you want to earn the Platinum trophy in Knack. I understand. It seems like it should be a pretty easy trophy to score. I mean, it’s a character action brawler aimed at kids with an aesthetic that’s two parts Pixar and one part box-of-Legos-emptied-on-the-floor. How hard can it be?


Knack is a surprisingly brutal and unforgiving game that’s reminiscent of throwback platformers like Maximo. It doesn’t hold your hand, even on Easy and it hands out trophies like a stingy grandmother dolling out fivers in birthday cards, unwilling to give many up but recognizing the fact that it has to. While most games give a bronze out at the end of every level, Knack waits until you beat a boss…after every fourth or so level.

In short, Knack is a mean as hell about formally recognizing your achievements.

But that’s okay, because I’m here to help point you in the right direction. Welcome to the Knack Platinum Trophy Guide.

There are a few basic things to know about Knack before you start –

–          Saves are difficulty locked. This means that once you beat the game, none of the gadgets or crystals you’ve collected can be carried over to a higher difficulty level, but instead only towards replays at that same difficulty. The only exceptions to this are the upgraded Knack forms you earn, but those will take anywhere from 2-3 playthroughs to unlock.

–          Chests are randomly populated the second you open them.

–          When you open a chest, you can choose from a list of items that people on your friends list found in that same chest. There’s a great thread over at the PS3Trophies forum for finding people.

Step 1 – Play On Easy + King of Adventure Trophy

I know, I know. Normally you want to play through on Hard the first time because trophies, but trust me here. Because you can’t carry over your collectibles to different difficulty levels, you’re going to want to do all your farming on the easiest possible difficulty to reduce the amount of time you spend screaming at your TV. To put it in perspective, my first time playing on Hard took me around 11 hours. My second playthrough on Easy took around three.

Your first time though, just enjoy the game.

For the King of Adventure trophy, just make sure to collect all the chests your first time through. There’s a useful guide over at PS3Trophies, but with a few exceptions most of them are pretty obvious.

If you’re given the opportunity to choose either a Diamond or Emerald from a chest, do so. Prioritize Diamonds. Trust me.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The Fast Puncher trophy might seem confusing at first, especially if, like me, you miss the helpful tooltip that explains Dash Attacks. Dash Attacks are when attack immediately after using a right stick dodge, which is an incredibly useful technique for breaking through enemy attack frames to interrupt them. If you don’t unlock this trophy on your first playthrough don’t worry, you’ll get it on your second or third.

Step 2- Farm Diamonds on Easy + Dynamic Play and Combo Professional Trophy

Here’s the fun part. It’s time to unlock Knack’s various alternate forms, which involve collecting Crystal Relics.

The thing about Crystal Relics is that they’re completely random…and they never stop coming. Once you collect enough of a certain type, they’ll keep popping up in chests. It’s maddeningly random and you can easily find yourself on the bad end of 5+ playthroughs without a single Diamond Relic.

There’s a trick though, which comes courtesy of the creatively named user ‘knack’ on the PS3Trophies forum.

Because the contents of each chest are randomly generated the moment you open it, you can cheese the system by hard quitting the game before hitting X to accept it. Get yet another Ruby Relic? Hold down the PS button, select ‘Close Application,’ restart Knack, and try again.

The only downside to this method is that the game puts you back at the beginning of whichever stage you’re on, which means it’s not entirely reasonable to farm every single chest in this manner. Thankfully though, there are a handful of areas where the chests are easily accessible from the start –

Chapter 1-2 (3 chests)

Chapter 6-3 (3 chests)

Chapter 12-3 (1 chest)

While there are plenty of other areas, these three were my bread and butter during the two playthroughs it took to unlock all of Knack’s alternate forms.

The key to this step is patience. It’s completely random every time you open a chest, so you might get a Diamond on your third reset or you might not get one until your thirtieth. I recommend putting on some music, a TV show, or podcast while you’re doing it. I did it while listening to back episodes of This American Life.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Try and earn the Dynamic Play trophy during your farming playthroughs, which requires you to beat a level using only super moves and without dying. There are no easy places to accomplish this feat (some people say 2-1, assuming you go into it with a full super bar, but I did it on 11-3) but there are a few tips I have for getting it done –

–          Skip groups as much as possible, only killing when you have to unlock a gate.

–          Make strategic use of the Relic Storm (O + Square). With a double charged battery the storm can go on long enough to take out two or three waves of enemies.

–          If you get stuck, don’t sweat it and try again on a later level. You’ll have plenty of opportunities, trust me.

The Combo Professional trophy will hopefully come naturally the same way. Trust me, by your third time through the game, you’ll know it well enough that you should be able to get to 50 without much stress. If you’re getting close, don’t be afraid to use super moves to push you over the edge.

Step 3 – Play on Hard and Very Hard with Diamond Knack

Once you’ve unlocked Knack’s ultimate form – Diamond Knack – go back through and beat the game on Hard, which unlocks Very Hard difficulty. Then…beat it on Very Hard. I know.

Very Hard is aptly named, as even as Diamond Knack you’ll still get killed in one or two hits. Just take your time, approach every fight strategically, and use super moves with reckless abandon. Because Diamond Knack gains extra sunstone power, you’ll find that it’s not hard at all to keep your meters full, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Step 4 – Coliseum Battles and Time Attack

Both the Coliseum Battles and Time Attack modes unlock after you beat the game. They allow you to use everything from that save slot, including alternate forms, to beat them. In order to get the Platinum, you’ll need to get five stars on each of the three Coliseum Battles and 13 Time Attack stages. While this might sound daunting, it’s really not.

The key to both modes lies in the scoring system, which grants a ridiculous amount of points for each enemy killed with a super move. In every case, earning five stars is as simple as gathering up all the sunstone energy you can and unleashing it on the biggest possible group. Sunstone Knack, who gains sunstone energy at a super rapid rate, is a great choice for the Time Attack stages because of this.

A word of warning about the final Time Attack stage: Save your sunstone energy for the final set of enemies, then focus on killing them both with one attack. It’s easier said than done.

Step 5 – Trophy Cleanup + Perfect Action

Now, using the Chapter Select feature, clean house on Easy. Beat the various bosses with the alternate forms, take out the level specific challenges you might’ve missed, and pick up the Total Victory trophy if you haven’t already gotten it. If you’ve come this far, you should have no problem with the rest of them.

Of special note is the final hidden trophy – Perfect Action – which requires you to beat a stage on Hard or Very Hard without dying. I recommend 1-2  on Hard with Diamond Knack. Hopefully, after damn near a million Diamond farming runs, you’ll know this stage well enough to be able to get through it without dying.

Step 6 – Set fire to your copy of Knack

Step 7 – Bask in the joy of your new trophy


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4 Responses to Knack Platinum Trophy Guide

  1. Cole says:

    Thank you for the tips!! I am on 11-3 and had many questions on how to platinum this game and you hit many key points I was unsure of how to do so

  2. Why would you want to burn a copy of Knack, it’s a good game, just because you’re a spoiled gamer who doesn’t know easy when it’s shown in his face doesn’t mean that everybody else is.

  3. BarryBethel says:

    You should be required to send in a picture of your incinerated disk to PSN to unlock the platinum.

    • exhaustport says:

      I imagine sending an envelope of the remains might be a more effective message.

      “Oh god, what’s all this powder?”

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