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Trailer Talk – The Elder Scrolls Online

Cinematic trailers can be a powerful tool. Properly used, they can establish the tone of your game long before you have a working engine or any real gameplay footage. It’s an opportunity to give potential players a look into how … Continue reading

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Breaking the Cycle of Media Illiteracy

One of the arguments I’ve seen again and again regarding the current debate over violent video games (and all media really) has been that parents are to blame. Parents, who are the gatekeepers of culture and morality for their children, … Continue reading

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Of Bloody Torsos and Men

I’m not offended because it’s gross, because it’s the kind of thing that you might find in your creepy neighbor’s fridge “as a trial run”, or even because it’s really poor quality and will most likely ship with one boob … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Reading a Really Good Article Online

The other day I told my journalism class that the best writers are the most avid readers. It’s true. Being able to participate, even silently, in the discourse of your peers (and those far above you) is one of the … Continue reading

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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Releasing Jan. 15th

This Tuesday, January 15th, will see the release of the English translation of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows over the North American PSN Store for $19.99. According to the US Playstation blog, a European release should follow shortly thereafter, giving us all … Continue reading

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Wherein I Finally Write About Journey

I had avoided Journey for a variety of reasons. For one it’s a console game and finding time to play those can be difficult. It’s rare that I get an opportunity to claim the television in my house, it mostly … Continue reading

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The Existential Nature of Tiny Triangles

When I looked at my Steam library and noticed I had invested five hours in Super Hexagon, I was taken aback. I mean, it’s a great game, but there isn’t five hours worth of content there, right? Games that had … Continue reading

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