World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Details Revealed


Hot on the heels of the Landfall patch, Blizzard has dropped some tantalizing details regarding the next major content update. Due to hit the PTR “in early January,” patch 5.2 will introduce the next major raid, a new daily quest hub, the continuation of Wrathion’s legendary questline, and two new world bosses in addition to the usual selection of class adjustments and new icons for Shaman abilities.

The major changes include:

– A new 12 boss raid focused on Lei Shen, The Thunder King, with an optional 13th boss for Heroic raiders. Lei Shen will be joined by his (surprise surprise) troll allies in the Throne of Thunder. What is it with mid-expansion content packs and TROLLS?

– The Isle of the Thunder King, a new daily hub for both Alliance and Horde players to continue their incursion on Pandaria. Of note is the addition of the powerful Lightning Forge, which can “forge mighty raid-worthy items, as well as classic weapons from the past.” Is Thunderfury about to make a comeback in transmog form?

– An opportunity to purchase your farm and expand it, answering work orders to build reputation with the various factions across Pandaria. You’ll also be able to build an Inn on the grounds, allowing for homepoint binding and instant logging out.

– Two new world bosses alongside a change to the system for tagging them. Tags will now be faction wide, allowing every player that engages the boss from the same faction to get loot. As a result of this, bosses will respawn faster as well. Sha of Anger will still no longer be killed after Tuesday though.

While the previous 5.1 patch was pretty small, lacking a raid instance but introducing the well-received (and fun) Brawler’s Guild, it does seem like 5.2 is coming a little quickly. With Heart of Fear unlocking just two months ago, it will be interesting to see what the item level entry requirements for this new raid will be, considering that many players may not have had time to fully outfit themselves in raid gear above and beyond what’s required for current LFR content. Having just recently come back to the game myself, I know that I’ll still be working on launch content when 5.2 lands, but what about those of you who’ve been with Mists since the start — do you think you’ll find yourself leaving things behind when 5.2 is released?

The entirety of the released information can be found here on Blizzard’s development blog.

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