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Freshly Fifty – Finding Groups

You’ve been doing your dailies, gotten yourself a decent set of gear, and tooled around a bit with the new UI features. Keybinds in place, you gaze longingly at that Daily Hard Mode quest in your log, confident that you’re … Continue reading

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Diablo 3 – Talking a big game…

Thanks to @masonrhade for recording this for posterity. Looks like it’s time to hit the Auction House…

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Diablo 3 – 5 Tips for New Wizards

So you’ve decided to walk the path of the arcane and become a Wizard. I can’t say I blame you, the temptation to wield the unkempt crackling essence of creation, the primal elements, is strong. Sure you may lack the … Continue reading

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Steam Safari – Renegade Ops

Watch as Jason does the unthinkable and actually attempts to clear his Steam backlog, one game at a time. These are the records of his voyage into the untamed wilderness. Join him on his  Steam Safaris, where he’ll play a … Continue reading

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Content Locusts and the Subscriber Drop

I was weaving amongst the stalls in market today, lost in the odors of exotic spices from the far west lands, when I first heard the voice. From far away it rose above the din of the crowd, the sounds … Continue reading

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Leader’s Lament – Raiding in the Buff

For the vast majority of current MMO players, World of Warcraft was their first dance with large scale PVE content. Perhaps it was a server first Molten Core clear (“Whoa, check out these ugly ass Judgement Pants that dropped off … Continue reading

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Steam Safari – Phantasy Star IV

It says something about my life that one of the greatest tragedies of my youth was never actually owning a Super Nintendo. I had friends with them, my uncle had one, even my grandparents were lucky enough to be blessed … Continue reading

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