Leader’s Lament – Smugglers / Imperial Agents

Maybe you got suckered into the job. Nobody stepped up and you found yourself just sending out the invites. Maybe you’ve been leading raids since “minus DKP” was a threat. However you got the job, you’re an operation leader now, and you’re about to start playing a whole different game. In addition to providing and understand all the boss strategies, you’ve also got to know every single class and spec as well as your own, even that strange Sawbones / Dirty Fighting hybrid Scoundrel that keeps getting invited for some reason.

It’s a daunting task, but I’m here to help.

This series is going to examine the various things that every Op Leader needs to know, both in terms of group makeup and specific fights. Rather than focusing on strategies, these articles will outline what you need to do to lead your group to success. It’s up to them to be successful, but it’s your job to get them there.

Today we’re going to take a brief look at the Smuggler / Imperial Agent advanced classes and what they bring to your Ops team.

Gunslinger / Sniper 

This pure ranged DPS class is known for using cover and providing that always confusing massive explosion attack every minute or so. While their DPS currently isn’t top of the charts, they do provide a very useful buff in Scrambling Field / Ballistic Shield, which erects a 10m wide bubble that reduces the damage taken for all allies inside it by 20% for 15 seconds. With a cooldown of 3 minutes, this is can be used 2-3 times during most fights, most effectively during periods of high AOE damage.

The biggest downfall to the G/S  is the cover mechanic. Currently, many of the fights in the 1.1 content require high mobility, which means that every time the G/S moves, they need to reapply cover before they start DPSing in earnest again. With tight enrage timers, these few dropped seconds here and there can seriously add up. If possible, try and give the G/S lots of space so they can avoid moving as much as possible.

Scoundrel / Operative

A Healer / Melee DPS hybrid, the S/O can be a powerful asset in creating a flexible ops group.

The Sawbones / Medicine build S/O is a strong single-target healer with mid-range AOE healing capabilities. Able to essentially heal indefinitely with their main nuke heal, S/O can keep most tanks up nearly forever under reasonable damage. In addition, they have Defensive Screen / Shield Probe, which is a 45s cooldown self-shield that they should be using whenever faced with unavoidable damage. Unfortunately, they do not have any unique healing buffs or utility outside massive heal bombs. They can remove mental, physical, and tech effects.

As melee DPS, the S/O does the vast majority of its damage from behind using Back Blast / Backstab within 4m. So even though they’re toting a ranged weapon, the S/O is very clearly a melee class. A Dirty Fighting / Lethality build character can do slightly more damage from mid-range, but still functions best behind and close in. Currently, the DPS specs for the S/O are very supposedly underwhelming, but until we get more parses from the 1.2 combat logs, we can’t know for sure.

All Smugglers / Imperial Agents have an interrupt that is on a 12s and can be used from mid-range.

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