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Freshly Fifty – Day of the Ding

It’s been a long and arduous journey to level cap, one fraught with struggles and doubt. You may have questioned your choice of class, gazing longingly at others while gliding across Alderaan. You may have dabbled in alts, never quite … Continue reading

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Tera Open Beta – Impressions

The open beta for Tera snuck up on me. I had heard murmurs of it for weeks, but nothing really rose above the babbling brook of game PR until somebody actually asked me if I was going to give it … Continue reading

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Order of Operations – Starting Hard Modes

We were prepared. I had done my best to organized the most skilled raid I could, making plans to use various raid buffs with pinpoint precision. I dropped one of our tanks in favor of more DPS. I checked for … Continue reading

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Low Down and Dirty – Respecing to Sawbones for the Night

At the last minute your regular Sawbones calls in sick. Something about his cat eating the neighbor kid or something equally implausible. Without another healer, your Op won’t be able to run tonight and nobody else is stepping up. That’s … Continue reading

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The Great Rakghoul Invasion – Stardream Fragment Map

Here’s a numbered map with all the Stardream Fragments for the quest that gives you the adorably bite-y Red Rakghoul pet: Here are shots of the various places you’ll be looking for the fragments –

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The Strange Case of the Unusual Egg

If Bioware has done anything with SWTOR, they’ve tried to recreate those heady days of content discovery. Mysteries are abound in the game, from the elusive Magenta Crystal to the enigmatic +10 datacrons. One of the most recent of these … Continue reading

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Low Down and Dirty – Sawbones Basics

Chewing on a piece of straw, the Sawbones Scoundrel giggles with glee as he tips his hat towards the sun, signaling two droids to bathe a nearby Jedi in neon green kolto goo. In many ways, the Sawbones is the … Continue reading

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